Pilot Project Design & Impact

Designing For Impact

What Do More Equitable Systems Look Like?

Work with us to design a pilot to address your specific, existing business needs while also centering the economic mobility of your frontline employees. During the interactive experience, participants will assess their employee data, identify & design a pilot and gather input and feedback from peers, frontline employees and workforce experts.

What to Expect

Through this experience, attendees will:

  • Design and implement a pilot that impacts employee experiences and addresses business needs
  • Engage with those who are proximate to the issue the pilots addresses, e.g. frontline employees and supervisors, in order to understand their needs and perspectives
  • Build a network of peers committed to more equitable workplaces

Who Should Participate

We want to hear from:

  • Teams of 3-4 Human Resources, Operations and DEIB leaders from employers that have a frontline workforce
  • Employers that recognize the value of authentically and effectively engaging frontline employees in order to address business challenges like low retention
  • Employers that have already started to evaluate their DEIB practices and policies and/or employers who have started to think about employee engagement and culture in order to assess how they can equitably support the economic mobility of frontline employees
  • Leaders who are committed to do the individual work of understanding power dynamics and the role they can play in effecting change

Additional Details

Attendees are required to attend every session: when an employer signs up for the workshop they are making a commitment to give their representatives the time and space to participate in each session fully.


Upcoming Sessions

Talent Rewire does not currently have any upcoming Designing for Impact sessions scheduled. To learn more about how to bring Designing for Impact to your company or region, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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