Reconnect: Monthly Conversations to Catalyze Change

Working Together For The Frontline

How Do We Make Commitment to The Frontline Sustainable?

Join Talent Rewire and featured partners for monthly, one-hour sessions that will allow participants to learn best practices in the field, create community with other opportunity employers, and have guided time focused on implementation of those practices. Each session is facilitated by the TR staff, features a guest workshop leader, and tools you can take away and apply immediately.



Upcoming Conversations

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What to Expect

Through this experience, attendees will:

  • Build a network of peers committed to more equitable workplaces
  • Receive on-going learning opportunities and professional development
  • Take away action-oriented best practices for opportunity employment
  • Connect and align various employer focused efforts
  • Identify key gaps in the field and opportunities for collaboration

Who Should Participate

These conversations are designed for employers, Talent Rewire alums, current and potential partners with a focus on HR, Operations, and DEIB leaders and workforce development groups that support employers.

About ReConnect: Conversations to Catalyze Change

Reconnect is a monthly conversation series led by Talent Rewire and features partners from across the country who work at the intersection of advancing equity, improving job quality, and engaging employers and employees to improve the economic mobility of the nation’s frontline. These one-hour sessions will allow participants to learn best practices from leaders in the field, create community with other opportunity employers, and engage in guided conversation focused on practice and tool implementation. Each session is facilitated by Talent Rewire staff, features a guest conversation leader, and will highlight actionable tools that can be used right away. Learn more at

Join a growing community of employers dedicated to
helping their frontline employees thrive.