In this session, we will explore evidence-based strategies to promote equity, inclusion, and opportunity, enhancing both employee satisfaction and business success. 

Participants will:

  • Discuss proven practices for advancing women into management, improving retention, reducing turnover costs, and strengthening organizational performance. 
  • Using the Opportunity Navigator tool, we will examine how to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging through effective practices like encouraging employee feedback.

All sessions are virtual, 60 minute sessions w/ 30 minutes office hours that are optional for attendees.

Talent Rewire presents the Employer Transformation Series, a selection of six workshops for employers who want usable tools and technical guidance on how to embed equity and best practices into employment systems. We apply Opportunity Navigator principles to assist employers and quality coaches by providing actionable steps and next-level guidance.

This series is a collaboration with the Ohio Workforce Coalition via the Quality Workplaces Collaborative. We invite human resources leaders, DEIB leaders, operations leaders, employee engagement and employee experience leaders, and recruitment and talent acquisition leaders from employers of all industries and sizes to participate.