Talent Rewire addresses a series of forces rapidly redefining the nature of work and economic mobility through a three-pronged approach

Our Vision

We envision a future where every individual in the U.S. can realize their full potential through a humanity and economy-boosting job that provides equitable economic opportunity, stability, and mobility.

Our Purpose

We seek to increase the economic mobility of frontline employees – particularly people of color and women.

Our Mission

We partner with employers and workforce organizations to develop Opportunity Employment champions who advance their frontline alongside their business.

We do this through:

Lightbulb iconInnovating new research, tools, and experiences to help employers transform their talent systems

System iconScaling learnings to build the capacity of the broader workforce system

Mirror image iconModeling equity and frontline-centered systems change

What is Opportunity Employment?

Opportunity Employment is a strategic approach to talent investment based on a set of principles and associated talent practices that prioritize equity, inclusion, opportunity, and mobility for entry-level and often overlooked frontline employees while generating business value.

Meet the Talent Rewire Team

We are passionate about helping employers better support their workforce and improve their bottom line.