What Good Looks Like

Every employer has a unique Opportunity Employment story. There are no one-size-fits all solutions, but there are shared goals and methods across the board.

What will your story be?

When companies empower their employees, everybody benefits. What Good Looks Like presents case studies of leading companies who have committed to supporting their frontline and entry-level employees. In a changing workforce landscape, it’s not only important but also urgent for employers to respond with innovation. Each edition of What Good Looks Like and each individual case study gives readers a closer look into how companies of diverse geographies and industries have piloted, implemented and scaled equitable talent practices.

We heard a consistent request from our employer partners for detailed examples of how other companies have made their visions of a more equitable, robust talent system a reality. We compiled these case studies to fill that request and added practical exercises to the research to help readers assess their own paths forward.

What Good Looks Like: Edition 1

The research included in these case studies was supported by funding from Walmart.

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What Good Looks Like: Edition 2

The research included in these case studies was supported by funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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How To Use the What Good Looks Like Case Studies

  • Reflect on your personal values in this work and how that will propel you toward action.

  • Review case studies for practices you’d like to implement or advance further at your company.

  • Engage in the discussion questions with your team to think about how to advance opportunity employment practices in your workplace.

  • Use the suggested first steps as a high-level road map to develop your own implementation plan.