Empowering employers to get back to the heart of their business – their people

The Challenge

  • A survey of over 1,300 C-Suite executives identified failure to attract and retain talent as the biggest organizational risk in 2023 AND in the decade to come.
  • Turnover rates ranging from 65-85% can result in an average of $3,500 to replace an hourly employee and $12,000 to replace an entry-level employee.
  • More than 70% of frontline employees (hourly & salaried) want to be promoted within their companies, but only 4% advance to corporate roles.
  • Frontline hourly employees report the lowest overall feelings of inclusion, with Black employees reporting feelings of inclusion less than any other group.
  • In a recent survey 79% of frontline employees reported wanting opportunities to share feedback monthly or more, but only 55% of employers give them a chance.

The Opportunity

Talent Rewire seeks to change the paradigm by bringing together employers, frontline employees, and workforce providers who are committed to intentionally disrupting the current talent systems and practices in service of addressing medium to long-term talent and business needs while also increasing opportunity for the frontline and entry-level workforce to build careers not just jobs.

In all Talent Rewire programming, participants:

  • Build their capacity to innovate new strategies grounded in employees’ needs and input that improve the recruitment, retention, and/or advancement of frontline and entry-level talent.
  • Understand the value of intentional and consistent engagement with frontline talent through interaction and conversation with Talent Rewire’s Frontline Advisory Group and local frontline and entry-level employees.
  • Become part of a growing group of employers rewiring their talent systems and build their brand as an employer of choice.

Explore Talent Rewire’s engagement opportunities

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An experiential gathering where the key stakeholders focused on the equitable economic mobility of the country’s 50 million frontline employees – employers, workforce development partners, and frontline employees themselves – learn from and with each other.

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Employer Action Lab

A 12-month immersive learning experience where employers learn from and support each other as they pilot a new approach to hiring, supporting, and retaining frontline and entry-level employees rooted in a people-centered, equitable systems change approach.