How Change Happens

How Change Happens

Human resources leaders and teams have a pivotal role to play in enabling enterprise-wide cultural change to advance their organization’s commitment to racial equity

Since 2020, America’s largest companies have allocated billions of dollars & made public commitments to advance DEIB within their organizations. Despite these significant corporate commitments, research shows that frontline employees, who are disproportionately BIPOC & women, report the lowest overall feelings of inclusion and are 20% less likely than corporate employees to believe that DEIB policies are effective.

Practice and policy change needs to be accompanied by a focus on mental model shifts and culture change in order for organizations to see impactful and sustainable change. In How Change Happens we introduce an actionable change management strategy for HR leaders designed to address the harmful policies, practices, norms, narratives, & relationships that hold systemic inequities in place.


The research included in this report was made possible through funding from Walmart.


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