Your Co-Pilot Before You Pilot

Talent Rewire delivers workshops to inspire employers through a unique blend of systems thinking, user-centered design and a splash of improv. Our action-oriented workshops take HR, Operations and CSR leaders on a journey to solve a real and immediate business problem they are facing with recruiting, retaining, or advancing their frontline workforce.

Why Participate

In a Talent Rewire Workshop, you will:

Use the Opportunity Navigator to pinpoint the areas where you have the most potential to make valuable changes in your employees’ experience.

Apply systems thinking and user-centered design to construct pilots that address your talent pain points.

Identify the data you need to define your talent challenge(s) and how you can use it to build internal buy-in for your pilot.

Learn what it means to be an Opportunity Employer that supports and advances employees at every level of the company.

Have fun in an environment that encourages peer learning, experimentation, creativity and unconditional support.

How the Workshops Work

Talent Rewire offers workshops in three distinct formats to accommodate your unique needs, resources, and schedule.

In this two-hour Conference Add-On version of the workshop, attendees will take the Opportunity Navigator, an online assessment that highlights a company’s Opportunity Employment strengths and opportunities for growth. Using those results, participants will learn how to identify barriers and opportunities using systems mapping to address the identified pain points.

In the Half Day workshop, participants will also take the Opportunity Navigator but will construct a system map to identify the barriers and opportunities unique to their companies. Through the system mapping exercise, participants will learn how to identify the levers available to them to make change. Additional tools and a discussion on the data needed to make practice change successful will also be discussed.

Custom full day workshops are available upon request and will be developed in collaboration with the hosting organization to tailor the content to a group’s specific needs.

Join a Workshop

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