September 27: Enabling Change
The Opportunity Navigator and Your Next Steps
Participants will:

  • Engage with the Opportunity Navigator tool to understand how shifting talent
    practices can strengthen the business
  • Identify one internal policy and/ or practice to operationalize values of equity and economic opportunity

Space is limited – use the linked form to express interest in participating in one or all of the workshops. Someone from the Talent Rewire team will reach out to confirm your participation. 

Talent Rewire presents the Employer Transformation Seriesa selection of six experiential, action-oriented workshops for employers who want usable tools and technical guidance on how to embed equity and best practices into employment systems. Participants will leave each workshop with actionable next steps to advance their work. Participants can enroll in one or all of the workshops in the series. 

What to Expect

Each of the individual workshops will:

  • Address mindset shifts necessary for sustainable and equitable policy/practice shifts
  • Elevate equity as a necessary foundation for systems change
  • Reflect on the intersection of identity and values
  • Include elements of entrylevel employee perspective
  • Introduce accessible and actionable tools
  • Set aside structured time to create implementable next steps
  • Provide optional postsession technical assistance