Frontline Spotlight: Kerry Roberts

Frontline Spotlight: Kerry Roberts

Our Frontline Spotlight Series highlights members of our Frontline Employee Council. Council members partner with us to better understand the frontline experience and disrupt workplace power dynamics.

Name: Kerry Roberts
Place: San Diego, CA
Age: 41
Current Job: Custodian (UCSD Hospital)

1. Can you share an experience where you felt respected and valued?

A nurse came to me and told me that the entire staff appreciates the effort I put in to keep the hospital clean. It made me feel validated.

2. What builds Trust for you as an employee? What needs to be true in a workplace for you to feel comfortable giving input? 

Knowing that I can come to supervisors or management with any problems or concerns that I have with no fear.

3. What have you taken away by the partnership/work you’ve done with Talent Rewire to date? 

I’ve taken away that there are always two sides to the coin. Everyone should try to be part of the solution and not the problem.

5. What are the biggest misconceptions you think employers have about frontline employees? 

That frontline employees are expendable.

6. What are ways in which employers show you that they value you as a human and as an employee? 

Employers should give validation, implement open door policies, and offer incentives.

7. What’s one thing you would encourage the employers in this room to do with their frontline talent? 

Employers should open the doors of communication directly with your employees instead of limiting that communication to supervisors.