Talent Rewire Community Members Are Changing the World

Talent Rewire Community Members Are Changing the World

Increasingly, we are seeing that companies who put the needs of their employees first are being noticed and recognized by the media and investors, and are often preferred by consumers. Look no further for proof of this change than the recent announcement by the Business Roundtable that the interests of shareholders should no longer define the purpose of a corporation. Companies must also invest in employees and support the communities where they work. Fortune’s annual Change the World List is another example of this shift.

This week, our colleagues at the Shared Value Initiative and Fortune’s research partner supported the launch of the 2019 Change the World List that honors companies – both big and small – that are embracing their corporate purpose and recognize how it can add value to business and society. Of the 52 companies selected, we are thrilled to see that five of them are members of the Talent Rewire community, including Walmart (5), MOD Pizza (28), Best Buy (32), Hilton (41), and Patagonia (48). Notably, Walmart and MOD Pizza were recognized for investments in their workforce and opportunity employment.

About the Talent Rewire Companies on the List

Walmart (5)
For Walmart, they hold the sole distinction of having made the list every year since the lists’ inception. This year, Walmart earned a spot on the list for investing in its people through its Live Better U Initiative, which helps associates pursue college degrees debt-free, for $1 per day.

MOD Pizza (28)
MOD Pizza also made the list for its commitment and investment in its employees, specifically for having 38% of their workforce be opportunity talent – that is individuals from traditionally untapped talent pools such as low-income youth, those formerly incarcerated, and people with intellectual, physical or developmental disabilities.

Best Buy (32), Hilton (41) and Patagonia (48)
The other three Talent Rewire community member who made this year’s list were recognized as sustainability leaders. Through Best Buy’s work around e-waste, they have recycled 2 billion pounds of consumer electronics since 2009. Hilton meanwhile, is empowering guests to track and control their emissions impact of their HVAC, lighting and other systems via an app as part of a broader energy-saving effort. And longtime pioneer Patagonia is innovating to make nearly two-thirds of its clothing line from recycled materials.

In addition to their environmental sustainability efforts, Best Buy, Hilton and Patagonia are also Opportunity Employment champions. All three of them have or are in the process of creating pilot programs aimed at strengthening and diversifying their talent pipelines by attracting, retaining and advancing Opportunity Talent.

We congratulate all five of our community members and all companies who made the 2019 Change the World List. It is exciting to see the list include more Opportunity Employment champions every year. To view all companies who made the list click here and to learn more about how you can rewire your approach to talent and become an Opportunity Employer check out Talent Rewire.